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1. Customer No

This is your customer account number. If submitting payment, please reference this on your check, money order, etc. This will be needed to register your account online.

2. Previous Balance

This is the amount due from the previous billing cycle.

3. Payment

Any payments made after the last invoice and before the current invoice. The service date is the date payment was received and posted.

4. Billing Date

Time frame for this invoice's billing cycle. This quarterly invoice reflects charges for the months of November, December and January.

5. Price Per Month

This is the rate of service. As shown in the example, different services will appear as separate line items to reflect the price for that specific service.

6. Amount

Total charges for the services billed. The example shows a monthly rate of $25.67 for trash. The full amount due for the months of November, December and January is $77.01.

7. Amount Due

All money invoiced for this billing period, as well as any outstanding charges listed in the Previous Balance.

8. Scope of Service

The reverse side of our invoices cover service information for collection holidays and inclement weather. It also details frequently asked questions that customers may have.

9. Remit Address

Please send all payments to this address. For your convenience, the payment stub may be detached and mailed in the return envelope provided with your invoice.

10. Finance Charges

Balances that are not paid by the specified due date are subject to $10 late fee. Payments may be mailed in, or paid online.